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Unprecedented in Israel, this truck painting project attests to the way art helps us reinvent ourselves, interpret the world in new ways, and see things differently. Traditionally, truck panels have been used for advertising and marketing. The current project pushes the limits of the known and familiar to refreshing, fun realms.

Flying Cargo responded to the challenge and allowed Israeli artists to use their trucks as a ground for their paintings. With this welcome act, the company is contributing greatly to making art accessible to new audiences, making the public space in which we move and live more attractive and engaging.

About the Project

trucks on the road


About the Curator

Ronit Reik (b. 1963, Tel Aviv), an art curator, entrepreneur, and producer of the Art on the Road project, began her engagement in art as a student of art history at Tel Aviv University. Alongside her work in ceramics, she continued to study and work as an interior designer, art consultant, and art-purchasing advisor. She studied curatorship at the Haifa Technion.

"As a curator, I am fascinated by unconventional spaces. I like to pull artists out of the comfort zone, 'lure' them to break their work routine, and create in alternative spaces on challenging formats other than the ones with which they are familiar. I believe that artists who challenge themselves can shift between media, work out of the box, and dare; get out of the familiar, comfortable private studio into a new, different, and refreshing space; reformat their work modes so that their art will be exposed to broader audiences in new, original ways." (Ronit Reik, 2021)

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Flying Cargo

Flying Cargo is an Israeli group of companies providing comprehensive logistics solutions for managing the supply chain of companies in the fields of industry, commerce, and retail.

The group's services include, among others, outsourcing of logistics activities, inventory management and storage solutions, order system management, trucking, distribution of goods to retailers, private homes, and delivery points (Boxit), packaging solutions, supply chain management outside of Israel, procurement, and other value added services.

Producer and curator: Ronit Reik

Videography and video editing: Tal Bedrack

Graphic design: Lee & Tamar Graphic Design Studio

Consultant: Tomer Fishler

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