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Artist / Alma Yitzhaki

Alma Yitzhaki
b. 1984, Tel Aviv; lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Alma Yitzhaki engages in painting and drawing. Her themes are drawn from the local social and political reality. Her work deals with life on the margins of the urban sphere, attempting to find a figurative language congruent with this space.


Her truck painting depicts familiar local scenery of fallow fields and neglected areas along the roads. It is inhabited by typical plant species, resistant and quick to spread, which can grow on any available kind of soil—weeds and thistles, castor oil plants and acacia saligna. Many of them are deemed "invasive species," and are considered harmful to the Eretz-Israeli nature—although today these are the species most identified in the local landscape. The painting seeks to turn our gaze to a landscape devoid of a romantic aura, to show the beauty of immediate nature, which we often pass by without noticing it at all. The painting on the truck continues a series of works created by Yitzhaki in the past year, centered on urban nature.


Holds a B.Ed.F.A. (with honors) and an M.Ed. in Art Education from the Midrasha School of Art, Beit Berl Academic College, and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Tel Aviv University. Her work has been presented in numerous solo exhibitions, including shows at the Artists' Studios, Tel Aviv; Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Hezi Cohen Art Gallery, Tel Aviv; etc. Recipient of the Osnat Mozes Painting Award for a Young Artist, 2012, and the 2014 Rappaport Prize for a Promising Israeli Artist. Participated in artist residency programs in Dusseldorf (2012) and New York (2016).

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