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Artist / Noam Wenkert

Noam Wenkert

Born in Kfar Saba in 1979.

In recent years, Noam Wenkert has been painting her personal experiences as a mother and a woman, incorporating images from the history of art in her personal paintings.
In her work, Wenkert engages in a dialogue with male modernist painters and the way they portrayed women.

In her installation works, Wenkert breaks paintings down into separate shapes that exist on different planes, allowing them to be seen from multiple viewpoints.
The truck painting shows a variety of viewpoints. On one side, a panoramic view of a traffic jam populated only by women.

This is not a picture from a single viewpoint but from an assortment of viewpoints. A driver passing the truck has the opportunity to read the painting from side to side, like a story or a collection of short stories - two female drivers chat through open windows, one driver gets out of the car to paint the sunset, another cries and the driver next to her in the traffic jam hands her a handkerchief. This is a fantasy of a feminine traffic jam with qualities of flow, presence in the moment and empathy.

On the other side of the truck, there is the driver's point of view. She's looking out to a seascape at sunset and to a sleeping child in the rear-view mirror. This moment is peaceful but also gives off the sense of a missed opportunity, as the view is beautiful, but the child is asleep, and she can't leave the car and fully experience the moment.

Noam Wenkert works in painting and painting installation, teaches drawing and painting, and is the head of the Art Department at Minshar College. She holds a BA from Tel Aviv University (2006), studied art at Hamidrasha (2009), and holds an MFA from Bezalel (2012).

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