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Artist / Miriam Cabessa

Miriam Cabessa


Born in Casablanca, Morocco, (1966) she grew up in the Jordan Valley above the Sea of Galilee and now divides her time between New York and Tel Aviv.


Miriam Cabessa developed a unique painting language. Instead of brushes, she uses household tools and her own body, with her breath guiding the movement and serving as a pillar of the creative process.


Cabessa turns her body into an instrument of painting.


Her breathing rhythm and the way she moves create traces of her movement on the surface. These traces produce a rhythmic image, a repetitive pattern that contains the vibration of breath.


Working on a truck which moves throughout Israel is fitting for the mobility of her work. The image captures, holds, and freezes within it Cabessa's living, breathing movement.


In 1997, Cabessa represented Israel at the Venice Biennale. She exhibited a solo show at the Tel Aviv Museum as part of the Gottesdiener Prize, she's won various awards, her works are included in museum collections worldwide, and she has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and around the world.


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