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Artist / David Gerstein

David Gerstein

b. 1944, Jerusalem; lives in Ramat Gan and works in his workshop-gallery in the Har-Tuv industrial area

An artist, painter, sculptor, designer, and draftsman, David Gerstein's paintings are characterized by a personal, free figurative style, and bright colors. According to him: "Art can also speak at eye level; it can also be for pleasure, with its deeper messages, if any, hidden."


Gerstein focuses on figurative art in a desire to "communicate" with the viewer easily and share his insights and thoughts about everyday life with him. He also uses laser cutting of metals to create "wall sculptures" from multi-layered metal cutouts, which he paints with vivid colors taken from the automotive industry.


On one side of the truck he painted a typical Eretz-Israeli landscape with olive trees, sabra hedges, birds, and a pair of donkeys, and on the other side—a set of colorful abstract flower vases. According to Gerstein, he chose to paint large images that would catch the eye of the spectators who see the truck passing them on the road.

Studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, as well as in Paris, New York, and London. Served as a senior lecturer at Bezalel. His works have been exhibited in many museums in Israel and around the world. In 2016 he received an international award for best outdoor sculpture for his works at the Olympic stadium in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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