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Artist / Elad Larom 

Elad Larom was born in Tel Aviv in 1976.
The painting on the truck consists of layers of integrated multidimensional elements: at the base, a painting of a wide space with an open eye at its center, and various symbols that appear to be tattooed above it.
This technical move demonstrates Larom's aspiration to charge the painting with multiple layers simultaneously. The truck turns into a creature with eyes on both sides, making reference to the divine and the sublime while simultaneously alluding to earthly power relations.

On each side, a contrasting scene is depicted: sunset opposite sunrise, coolness of morning opposite fading heat.
The symbols drawn onto the scenes have been eclectically selected from esoteric and mystical sources, creating a puzzle, an enigmatic visual emblem with no solution.
All of this coalesces into mysterious compositions that present dichotomies of good and evil, ascent and descent.

Larom holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Netherlands), and a Master of Fine Arts degree (Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem). He teaches art at Bezalel and at the Academic College of Society and the Arts in Netanya. Some of his solo exhibitions include "Forever Happiness" at Gallery 4 in Tel Aviv (2021), "The Void" at Framed in Berlin, Germany (2021), and "Voodoo Child" at Galeria ATC in Spain (2018). Among other places, Larom has exhibited at Hamidrasha Gallery in Tel Aviv (2017), the Rami and Uri Nehushtan Museum in Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov (2017), the White City Center in Tel Aviv (2016), the Inga Gallery for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv (2014), and the New and the Bad Gallery in Haifa (2013). Larom won the Culture Ministry's Creative Encouragement  Award in 2018 and the Eileen and Donald Cooper Award in 2009.

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