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Artist / Alex Kremer

Alex Kremer

Born in 1966 in Tajikistan, immigrated to Israel in 1982.

The image painted on the truck is a sort of cat or some kind of feline creature, the image is symbolic and not necessarily associated with a specific animal.

As he put it: "As an artist and as a person, I believe that inspiration can be found everywhere and at any given moment, but I don't always have the ability to sense it and be aware of it. When the image of the animal appears in my dreams in various forms, I know that it heralds the return of my ability to touch inspiration.

"The truck project was a challenge for me, and I'm grateful to Ronit Reik, the project's curator and creator, for giving me the opportunity to learn some more things about myself and about the mechanism of creativity. It was challenging both physically and mentally. This was the largest format I've ever painted on, working outdoors in the scorching sun, thinking that I haven't been at my best recently, and maybe I was going to paint not only the biggest painting I'd ever done but also the worst one, and it would make its way along Israel's roads. The thought that ultimately helped me break free from paralysis and continue to paint was a thought about proportions. What really matters? What about self-irony? And most importantly to keep moving... Motion is an essential part of existence. The cat is in motion like the truck. The painting cannot happen without motion."

Kremer attended the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, the School of Visual Theater and Haifa University.
His artistic practice spans painting, printmaking, and performance art.

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