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Artist / Itamar Palogi-Faluja

Itamar Palogi 

b. 1983, Jerusalem; lives and works in Olesh, Emek Hefer, Israel


Itamar Palogi is a multidisciplinary artist who creates large-scale installations and sculptures for the public space and street art. He works with recycled, reclaimed wood and spray paint, at times combining the two. His work addresses the relationship between manmade buildings and nature, between urban and rural life, the private and the public spheres. He works within the eclectic mix created by the visual clutter on the street.

"The trucks are an amazing medium, which takes art to the street and the road. I painted colorful powerful animals that will be seen from afar, traveling throughout the country, spreading creativity and color," says Palogi.


Holds a BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem (2008). In recent years, his works have been exhibited in art and culture events in Israel and around the world. He presented large installations in Jerusalem, Masada, Midburn, Bat Yam, Lod, Mykonos, and Colombia. His works are also displayed in the offices of Google, Facebook, and FedEx.

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