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Artist / Aya Eliav

Aya Eliav

b. 1977, Tel Aviv; lives and works in Barcelona and Tel Aviv.

Aya Eliav's work delves into personal and collective identity through our affinity with nature, home, culture, and immigration. In recent years she has began to explore femininity and family life from a personal and social perspective, producing a body of work that oscillates on the axis between abstract and figurative, and between vivid and monochromatic coloration. 

On the sides of the truck, Eliav chose to paint an "extension" of a series of works on which she is working in the studio these days, entitled Woman Dreaming of Escape. "The title is a tribute to Catalan artist Joan Miró's work by the same name (Dona somiant l'evasió, 1945), which was created while he was in exile in France during World War II. The work on the truck depicts a fantastic vegetal landscape on a black background, like an imaginary large-scale jungle, with different types of vividly colored plants. The movement of the brush strokes generates the shape of the leaves. Eliav began the series after a long period in which she was unable to access her studio due to the Covid lockdowns. This work is underlain by her strong desire to burst forth from the great darkness into a different reality, into nature and life.

Holds a B.Des from the Department of Visual Communication, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem; received a scholarship for specialization at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome. Over the years her work has been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions, in galleries and museums, in Israel and around the world. Her works are in various private and museum collections.

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