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Artist / Oren Fischer

Oren Fischer 
b. 1984, Los Angeles; lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Oren Fisher is an artist, social activist, curator, and initiator of community art projects. Naïve and minimalistic, his work is direct yet expressive, corresponding with the environment. It falls within the traditions of the anti-art and art brut or outsider art movements, and its themes range from personal stories and observations to social criticism. He tries to convey them directly and provoke questions and interpretations in different directions. His sculptures often resemble martyr hieroglyphs.


On the truck, Fisher painted what he calls a "group hug" of peace and camaraderie. He sought to convey a message that would unite all people into one big community, which spans all genders, denominations, and sectors living in the country. According to the artist: "The message may be naïve, but we have no other choice, in the hope that this idea will sink in and affect the people who watch the truck as it travels on the road." On the other side of the truck, Fischer depicted the figure of the lone artist in the center, surrounded by many different, colorful hands, which inspire empathy, help, and protection.

Self-taught artist. His works have been featured in various solo and group exhibitions in Israel and around the world. In the past, he managed Mashuna Gallery and the Red House in Tel Aviv, venues based on social and community models. In 2019 he received the Sotheby's Under the Hammer Prize for an outstanding work from the Artists' Greenhouse at the Fresh Paint Art & Design Fair, Tel Aviv. His works are in various private and public collections.


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